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Our Mission

To develop culturally responsive high school graduates who will thrive in an ever changing global community . The portrait of a high school graduate would consist of six learner profiles

From The Principal's Desk

We at St. Ninian’s believe in “ Building critical thinking minds, Touching Lives and creating a generation with high cognitive health, a compassionate heart, and an ethical mind.

Keeping this as our Aim , we have specially designed and structured the curriculum right from play group early years.

Principal of St. Ninian's Mission School

Why St. Ninian's?

We strictly follow the student – Teacher ratio of 30:1, keep constant track of every child, and instill good values in the students.

St. Ninian’s Mission School emphasizes the importance of Learning by Doing. We try to draw out and nurture their natural abilities , be it artistic, linguistic , creative or scientific. A holistic growth is emphasized with activities like Games , Physical Education, Music, Dance , Drama, Art & Craft , Gardening, Creative writing, Extempore and various in house programs throughout the year.
We also emphasize a great deal on Safety and Security of every child. Teachers are always in touch with every parent , trying to do what is best for the child.