St. Ninian's

Mission School

About The School

Why St. Ninian's?

  • St. Ninian’s Mission School emphasizes the importance of Learning by Doing. We try to draw out and nurture their natural abilities , be it artistic, linguistic , creative or scientific. A holistic growth is emphasized with activities like Games , Physical Education, Music, Dance , Drama, Art & Craft , Gardening, Creative writing, Extempore and various in house programs throughout the year.
  • We strictly follow the student – Teacher ratio of 15:1, keep constant track of every child, and instill good values in the students .
  • We also emphasize a great deal on Safety and Security of every child. Teachers are always in touch with every parent , trying to do what is best for the child.  

The 5 unique Pillars of Teaching & Learning at St. Ninian’s

  1. Academic Excellence , which includes :
    • Generative Interdisciplinary  curriculum , by itself is fascinating. Generative Curriculum is the understanding that students , community and teachers work together to create “ in the moment “ learning experiences .
      • Encouraging voice and choice in learning topics
      • Learning in a flexible manner , where content areas are interconnected throughout the day.
      • Generating an experience that empowers a learner to question, engage and build community based on class initiatives or individual student interest.
      • Growing learning pathways organically
    • Multi – Age Learning Community, the structure of which is built around connecting students from various grade levels spanning k-4. Multi- age learning provides opportunity for students to build respect for each others difference, develop their own identity , and creating environment which encourages empathy . This helps in recognizing learning as a process over time , everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It helps designing student goals around competencies , not grade levels . As students build their social- emotional skills and show that they are developing a growth mindset, they are coached in creating long –term goals.
    • We at St. Ninian’s organize the habits of mind around persistence, managing impulsivity , thinking flexibly , listening with empathy and striving for accuracy.
  2. Personal Attention, Teachers are not just there to teach them inside the classroom, but each teacher plays an important role in each child’s life , helping constantly to grow up happily and healthily, both in body and  mind , instilling values and ethics and compassion in each child, that their parents would want to impart to them.

  3. Holistic Development The World Health Organization (WHO)  identifies the fundamental life skills as decision making and problem solving , creative thinking and critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills , self – awareness and empathy and coping with emotions and stress. It is the education that shall engage all aspects of the learner, including mind , body and spirit.

  4. Safe Campus St. Ninian’s provides a safe campus for all children, promoting protection of all students from violence , exposure to weapons and threats, theft , bullying and harassment , the sale or use of illegal substance on school ground , and other emergencies. We believe that school safety is linked to improved student and school outcomes . In particular emotional and physical safety in school are related to academic performance.

  5. Green Pollution free child friendly environment