St. Ninian's

Mission School

THE ESSENCE OF CHRISTMAS, Christmas Carnival, 2023

What is christmas? Is it only about gifts, presents and buying clothes? Is it about partying and having fun? Or is it only about eating out and wearing new clothes? What is actually the true essence of Christmas? The true essence of Christmas is in sharing, giving, spreading love, prosperity and good wishes, helping the […]

Diwali, 2023

On the 10th of November, the St. Ninian’s Mission School family celebrated Diwali with a spirit of love, positivity, peace, and prosperity.  The teachers and students decorated the school with Rangoli and colourfully painted Diyas.

Children’s Day Celebration,2023 – Halloween Theme

On the 10th of November, the teachers and students of the St. Ninian’s Mission School celebrated children’s day. The Principal and other teachers performed for the children, and the program was wrapped up by the children singing a Halloween’s song. THE TEACHERS PERFORMING

Annual Program, 2023

SNOW WHITE The St. Ninian’s Mission School, on the 12th of October, took over 600 people on an adventurous trip through the Enchanted Forest. The little champions of the school took the audience on a roller coaster ride from the Wicked Queen’s castle to over the Seven Jeweled Hills, in the house of the seven […]

Teacher’s Day, 2023

The teacher’s day was celebrated with much fun and vigor by the children of the St. Ninian’s Mission School.

Christmas Carnival 2022

17th December 2022, was a day of joy happiness, and prosperity. The children of St. Ninian’s Mission school decked up to showcase the Nativity –  The Birth of Christ, in front of hundreds of people, during the Christmas Carnival. It was a rather fulfilling and eventful evening.

Children’s Day, 2022

On the 15th of September, the teachers of St. Ninian’s Mission School put up a heartwarming show. The students and teachers had a gala time together.